Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today as I was taking my daily stroll through the land which has become a reality for more than half Americans (Blended Family communities), I found a website that discussed a new movie/documentary that will be coming out in 2012, called "Support?System Down."

The movie is a film by Aginelo Entertainment and after watching the trailers, I am convinced that it will shed some light on what many parents go through when they fall victim to family courts. It seems like it will be an insightful and informative film and I am honored to be a supporter.

Here are some bullets shared on the ANCPR website about what the movie reveals:
* New never before seen footage and interviews that will shock you.
* Also- are the Judges tainted? Find out when one steps down after we interview her and found out she was allegedly receiving some form of incentives the more she sent guys to prison for child support arrears. On
top of that the state even denies she ever worked there….you can be the judge now!
* We cover the exorbitant amount of money that goes into creating so called “dead beat dads” at a time when our politicians are looking for budget cuts and the tax payers are footing the bill.
* We have revisited the way the non-custodial parent is basically forced out of the child’s lives by having only 4 days a month of parenting time and becoming a “visitor” in the lives of their own children.
* Who our we really Supporting here ?
* When does the “pay before you play” with your kids ever end?
* Military – We cover the military troops that fight for our freedom only to come back and find they have been wrongfully named biological fathers becoming victims of paternity fraud then ultimately stripped of
everything they own while they were away.

If you'd like more information about the film, click the links below:

Its About the Kids from Aginelo Entertainment on Vimeo.

Child Support is War from Aginelo Entertainment on Vimeo.

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