Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How much is too much to tell a child?

Earlier today I saw a facebook post on the fb page of Stepmom Magazine. It was concerning how much is too much to tell a child concerning the custody issues between their parents. While the conversation is extremely value, we began to wonder and have a discussion about how the advancements in technology affect that issue. Teens (and in some cases children) have so much access to the internet and while a parent may be indeed protecting their child while giving limited information, does it become a trust issue when the child finds something online or in public records concerning the long, drawn out days of court battles between parents.

Here was our response to their inquiry bringing up our thoughts to their community to try and get some insight.
I have found that the information age and advancements in technology makes this topic more and more complicated. Considering that anyone who knows how to use the internet (and that age is getting younger and younger by the minute) can look at court cases and documents online. I have found that some of the daughters in our community (DADpr - Daughters Advocating for Daddy's Parental Rights) have become resentful with their parents for the protection that parents are providing by not spilling all the beans. Once they find out anyway, how does one deal with the fact that the child got the knowledge from public records on the internet and not from the parent themselves. We've discussed how this affects trust issues but haven't really come to a conclusion. Any thoughts?

What do you all think? We'd love to hear from you!!

If you would like to check out Stepmom Magazine, we highly recommend it as a resource and encourage you to visit their website. Here's a link: http://www.StepMomMag.com/

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