Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sgt. Reunited With Baby Given Up for Adoption

This story warms our hearts to know that a child has been united with her Father after being adopted out without his consent. While we understand how hard it must be for the adoptive parents to have to give back a child who they were planning to love and raise, we believe the judges decision was fair.

As women who have experienced every side of what it means to have a child snatched from you and told you are not the "real parent" (many of us are step-moms, grandmothers, and aunts who are fighting to see our stepkids, grandkids, and nieces/nephews because the father has been denied the same rights as the mother. We believe our sons, brothers and husbands deserve equal parenting rights), we sympathize with the adopted mother. However, it is only fair that the Father who was never afforded the opportunity to meet, bond, and love his daughter to have that opportunity that was ripped from him without his knowledge.

Congrats to Terry Achane for having the opportunity to form a relationship with your daughter. And kudos to the judge who heard this case and decided to set a legal precedent that fathers deserve rights to their children.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, you can read about it here at ABC news:

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