Book: Diamonds from my Daddy


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Diamonds from My Daddy:
A Collection of Conversations between Loving Fathers and Fabulous Daughters

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Repost from Kendra on our facebook fan page:
"My Daddy is SUPERMAN in my eyes! He is strong, intelligent and ALWAYS there when I need him. He taught me SO many life lessons....I cant even begin to share them all. He showed me by example what a REAL man is. That is why I never got involved with any "riff-raff" b/c they never measured up to the standadrd my daddy I knew I could NEVER bring some braid wearin-pants hangin off his butt-weed smokin dude to meet my Daddy. I could go on and on, but I will leave it at this.... Im 32 but I will FOREVER be a Daddy's Girl."

Repost from Marsha on our facebook fan page:
"My DADDY is like the sun, the moon, and the stars all wrapped into one. He is a walking almanac, encyclopedia, historian type fellow. He is strong and forgiving. He fights for justice and loves to laugh. He can get right on your last nerve ...and then do something that is so spectacular you forget what happened. He is giving of himself to his community and the larger global community. He believes in what is right and will fight to preserve it. He is the champion of causes that are oftentimes not his own. He went from an afro and afro pic to a low top snowy mountain. He raised two daughters and a countless number of sons who were in need of a father. He believes in his children when others wouldn't dare and he don't play about his babies. I'm a proud daddy's girl and I thank the Lord for the blessing of my father."

Repost from Angela on our facebook fan page:
"Our DAD/FATHER/MENTOR was like having a piece of our heavenly FATHER here on earth. He would make us aware when we were wrong and gave us the tools to correct our mistakes. He encouraged us to reach for the stars when others said we would fail. He hung our worst pictures from school where everybody could see. He laughed at our "made up" jokes that weren't even close to be funny. Our DAD (Dynamite/Awesome/Daddy) is missed each and everyday!! If a man is trying to be a father, he should NOT be hindered in ANY way!! They are necessary and vital to the development of young children. Don't stop fighting DADS!! We MISS and LOVE you everyday DADDY!!! Tommy Joe Rockwell 3-14-1937 / 11-27-1999"

Repost from Romeo Travis (star of "More Than A Game") via our Twitter:
" I love being a father and looking in my baby eyes and letting her know everything is going to be ok. The best advice I would give my daughter. Take your time when you liking a guy make sure he's everything he is before you."