Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a network of like-minded individuals and groups that advocate on behalf of daughters who seek to help promote and uphold parental rights for fathers. We focus on building and enhancing relationships between a father and his children but particularly, his daughters. We are advocates for children. Every little girl deserves to have her father in her life.
We believe it is crucial to the lives of little girls and young ladies to have the influence of their fathers as an essential part of their youth and adulthood.
Our goal is to foster and nurture the bonds that are created when a father is establishing an eternal connection to his daughter.
We are a resource for awareness, education, and advocacy for all daughters (and fathers) who desire to further develop and enhance their parental bond with each other. This awareness, education, and advocacy will be acted out through legislative initiatives, library of resources, educational parenthood opportunities and a bank of increasing knowledge on pertinent issues affecting family law.
We are a voice for the voiceless! We are the voice for little girls who have to grow up without the crucial influence of fathers at the hands of other adults and societal institutions that perpetuate this irresponsibility. We are a voice for girls whose fathers lose the battle every day at the hands of those who do not grant fair parental rights.