Who We Are...

  • A group of women who have been affected by the family legal system.
  • A group of women who have fathers, brothers, friends, husbands, and sons who have had to fight for the right to parent their child
  • Advocates for shared and equal parenting
  • Supporters of organizations that share our beliefs
  • A support system for those enduring the emotionally, financially, and mentally draining task of establishing child legitimation, visitation, and custody.
  • A place for resources
  • located in all parts of the world

  • Guest Speaker at Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys Business Fair
  • Featured Vendor at The Ladies Board Business and Organization Open House
  • Guest Speaker on the CafeSmom webshow and guest blogger for www.CafeSmom.com
  • TBD

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  1. I am 58 years old. As a father I have put 110% into the well being of my baby daughter and have exhausted every option and asset I have to protect her . She is now 3 years old . Since I am older she might not ever know the love and effort I have put into her well being . You site is BEAUTIFUL to find . I am so proud of all of you for your efforts .